Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Exercise: in basic principles of the universe

like attracts like.

brewing fresh leaf teas and probiotic kombucha.
harvesting garden veggies
fruits in fertile soil.
making meals to share with loved ones.
surrounding self with beautifully creative, interesting and smart people.
creative social gatherings - music making, art, galleries, co-opted music and art and culture gatherings.
media free information exchange.
bartering skills to improve lifestyles.
growing new friendships across scenes.
practicing yoga and yogic philosophies.
love making and warmth.
laughter and spontaneity. travel.
inspired writing and sharing what we've created with others, others sharing with us what they have created.
being kind and supportive without being taken advantage of.
having basic needs met completely and consistently.
cutting edge ideas and music.
solar powered people. dancing.
being childless and childishly observant of the world around us.
respecting elders and really listening to the perspective they offer. contributing to the solution instead of enabling the problem.
keeping space clean and clutter free.
removing mental obstacles for Self development and research, supporting others in their process of doing the same.
living healthy lives. confronting fear in whatever way possible without compromising convictions.
being open minded enough to consider other convictions when ours are producing more conflict than creativity.
being supported without the need of financial institutions or any other big institution if it is to contribute something positive to the world.
being unapologetically ourselves.
being personally responsible for our relationships and what we do within and without them.