Friday, December 7, 2012

News and Updates!


You may have noticed that posts have become less frequent. There has been so much change going on the last few months and all in the name of growth and connecting to intention. Here is what's up:

I now have a website where you can access these writings, local events, my schedule and other information about sharing this practice with your business or community, photos, etc. Check it out!

I've also held 2 specialty workshops of a 3-part workshop series in North Hollywood, Ca at an aerial yoga studio (Aeriform Arts). The workshops are designed for dancers, movement-based performers and others like this who want to get into "deeper" poses without compromising their alignment or reiterating poor inefficient patterns. So far, we have covered back-bends and inversions, and next Sunday we will focus on splits and hip opening.

In mid-October, I had the great pleasure of attending a seminar by my teacher and an inspiring non-yogi, Gil Hedley. During his day-long seminar, I was inspired and immersed in the wealth of wisdom our biological bodies offer to us. Gil Hedley is a visionary anatomist with a keen eye for relationship and philosophical inquiry. You can learn a bit more about him here.

As if that weren't enough, I am more than halfway through my advanced teacher training (500-RYT) under the guidance of Sigrid Matthews. From teacher to student there is seldom any distance, and I am so grateful to be learning even as I guide this practice for others...what can I say, it feels good to learn! The last portion of this training will continue to focus heavily on anatomy and breath mechanics from a fiercely observant teacher, Leslie Kaminoff, more philosophy study and more direct guidance from my mentors.

Workshops are being set up for winter 2013 along with some exciting collaborations and projects throughout the year.

Stay tuned - the end of 2012 will definitely be interesting!

Be well and breath easy,