Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mantra Monday: I know nothing

I am preparing for my first substitute teaching experience at Black Dog Yoga (April 10 @ 9am, April 12 @ 7am, April 14 @ 7am) for a "Basics" class.

In order to prepare, I've taken the class with the regular teacher a couple of times and am pleased to find that most of the students have a semi-frequent practice, so this won't exactly be yoga-101. Still, I am reminded to return to the pillars of yoga, what it means to be a beginner, and to really reconnect to the basics.

* Cue the breath often and in clear but distinct ways
* Work from the ground up
* Warm the body well before any dynamic movement sequence
* Say just enough and nothing more
* Speak from the heart
* Be without judgment and expectation
* Notice the good first

'The beginner's mind' is another yogic philosophy that shares some heritage with Buddhist thought. The idea is to enter a situation without expectation, assumption or judgment; to simply be in the experience as it is happening and to actively participate in this way.

While the students I am teaching soon may not all be beginners, I am! (At least in terms of subbing.) Until Sunday, I will be working with this mantra in order to focus some attention on the reality that while I may have learned so much from my practice and training, I must be ever ready and open to receive new lessons from my experience on the mat and in my practice.

I know nothing
I know nothing
I know nothing



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