Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome home, Confusion!

Lately I've been faced with turning point decisions that leave me confused and easily lost in comparing my Self and my story with others around me. My default creative process has me envision an end result and then slowly begin to build from that seed thought until the thing I want to see in real life, manifests. ...without a clear result in mind, confusion takes me.

For most, I think this is the point where stress, anticipation, and impatience take form inline with confusion. ...It's in these moments that I am reminded of an idea I garnered from my high school weight lifting coach; confusion training.

Muscle Confusion Training is this idea that by regularly changing your work out routine, your muscle and cardio strength will not plateau, but instead continue to develop.

For me, this is a direct parallel for the opportunity I am being offered. When some life experience leaves me confused, it is a chance for me to expand beyond what I have already mastered. Confusion, then, indicates potential evolution!

While it may seem counter-intuitive to embrace this, the moment I do, anticipation and impatience subside. If I can recognize that I am befuddled as the befuddlement is happening, then at least I am seeing myself clearly. Confusion generally leads to asking questions. If I am asking questions, then I know I am actively participating in my life and this can only lead to more growth and expansion. Yes, it's an uncomfortable experience, and oftentimes too frustrating...BUT, know that it is the gateway to something more creative.

Take home point: confusion is good!

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