Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moments from my personal practice

"May this practice bring me into composure and collection during the many moments in the day where I feel scattered and completely disconnected."

- gentle twists
- neck, shoulder, wrist, ankle rolls
- rock along spine to uttanasana
- surya A and B
- low lunge with hip opener [both sides]
- down dog ab crunches
- side angle to triangle to half moon to sugar cane to standing split to warrior 3
- down dog to vinyasa [both sides]
- tree on block
- dancer
- vinyasa to child
- 10 ujjayi breaths
- camel
- pigeon side 1 and 2 with thigh stretch
- down dog
- bridge to restorative bridge
- wheel
- wind removing pose [both sides]
- supine twist [both sides]
- happy baby
- supported shavasana on bolster


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