Sunday, January 29, 2012

A reason 2012 needs Yoga

Overcome Electronic Overload -

Texting, web surfing, gaming, blogging, streaming and sitting put a lot of repetitive wear-and-tear on our spine, wrists, fingers and eyes. Practicing yoga not only gives you the experience of being aligned in your body, but also enhances your self-awareness, so when you are squinting, hunched over your keyboard taking shallow breath after shallow breath, a moment may come where you realize you need to sit up straight and breathe deeper.

Take a break from the sedentary routine of being on the computer and help yourself undo much of the mindless misalignment we do while checking our Facebook page.

Try these while you wait for the Hulu commercial to end:

Bound Angle Pose
Extended Leg Squat
Extended Supine Hand to Toe Pose
Wide Legged Forward Bend

In Joy!!


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