Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's 2013!! We live in the future.

Tis the season for making resolutions of transformation and possibly [most likely] not fulfilling them. Based on my observation and experience as a behavior therapist, analyzing and strategising ways to create efficient and helpful behaviors in people, I've found that we tend to set ourselves up for failure.

How about this year, we set ourselves up for success with specific goals and intentions that spring from a much broader idea of being?

I got this note from the Universe today:

Considering your grandest and most glorious dreams, niki:

When your thoughts and visualizations pertain to the "hows" (how they will come true), or when they include an insistence upon unimportant details (virtually all details are unimportant; think of them, yes, but just don't attach to them), or when they require specific people to behave in specific ways... at the very best, your efforts will only increase the likelihood of your desired dream coming to pass. 

Whereas, when your grandest and most glorious dreams are BIG-picture items, like rocking abundance, total fulfillment, amazing health, vivacious happiness, and the like, the floodgates of success begin to powerfully tremble and your manifestation becomes inevitable. 

Hark... a tremor I do detect... 
    The Universe


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