Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My First Juice Cleanse

As part of my advanced teacher-training credential, I participated in a 3-day juice cleanse. The Pressed Juicery sourced our cleanse with cold-pressed, delicious juices.

I have a pretty clean already: I don't eat meat or dairy, and generally eat only a small amount of processed foods sparingly throughout the week...like levied bread or a treat with cheese in it. Some sushi or cooked salmon sometimes, too. I cut out bleached sugar and sugar alternatives years ago along with glycerin-based foods, soda and candy. I also don't really drink a lot of caffeine..some black tea or a coffee now and again. But I was curious what the cleanse would be like.

I have one more aloe vera/water drink left tonight before the cleanse is over and I am surprised to report that I feel very normal. Some of the other people in my group doing the cleanse have had varied responses...from crankiness and headaches to complete juice-rejection... vomiting, chills, the whole bit. I have to think that I feel so normal because my GI tract didn't have that much stuff to get rid of. Because of this, I'm planning to do a heavy-metals cleanse.

This is what I've gotten from the juice cleanse:
1. Veggie juice cut with ginger and lemon is incredibly energizing and a much better choice for me in the morning than a chai tea.
2. I can consume a lot of liquid and not feel hungry. This makes me think that I mistake hunger for thirst kind of regularly.
3. I don't need as much protein as I thought to have enough cognitive energy and zest to get through my hectic schedule each day.
4. Having healthy food prepared before I start said hectic schedule gives me a real relief during the middle of the day when I become tired or irritable and don't want to think about making myself something or scavenging around LA for real food.
5. Juice cleanses are an awesome break to notice things like: food cravings; habitual cravings sourced from comfort or emotional stuff; how commercialized eating has become; cleanses are more fun in groups.

If some radical shift happens in the next 2-3 days as I start to reintroduce solid foods again, I will post an update! Happy eating everyone :)

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