Thursday, April 18, 2013

It is mid-April, 2013.

Tonight, along with many other moments I've caught in my net of awareness this week, I am compelled to share a bit of the more over-arching ideas presented within them.

((in joy))

Family is created, first with intention, and then with action.

Find the joy, even at the edge of tension.

Teachers come in all forms, in all bodies, in each moment. any case, when the message is ready to be heard, it will be offered.

Wisdom is meant to be shared, not coveted.

In moments of gratitude, share with others.

We are all reflections of one another, whether our levels of consciousness allows us to connect the relationships or not, this is the truth of human dynamics.

Those that agitate our sense of peace embody qualities that must be taken softly into hand, explored with the nurturing touch of healing, and seen as agents of Self understanding.

Out is in and in is out.

Sitting quietly invites expansive awareness of that which was once imperceptible. Remove the chatter with practice. Enjoy the practice as the process itself, as the means, and as the end.

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