Sunday, June 5, 2011

aMUSEing: Stuff I'm Into

Inspired by my old school friend Stephanie for asking about recommendations for other content like this blog that are great... here's what I'm into!

The Vegan Stoner: A weekly(ish) blog with super simple, delicious vegan recipes using items that you can find at regular grocery stores.

Moving Through My Vinyasa: My teacher, Maria Cristina Jiminez's blog. She gets geeky about anatomy, yoga philosophy, and her journey as an ever-evolving teacher and student of yoga. She is a beautiful and nurturing resource - connect with her!

The Power Path: An incredibly insightful resource offered up by Lena Stevens, a shaman based out of New Mexico. Check out the monthly forecasts! (Think: horoscope for the entire human population regarding physical/political/romantic/personal relationships). I read this EVERY month.

Osho Tarot: In jest or in all seriousness, take this game lightly - you know, practicing non-attachment. ;) Osho's philosophy narrates each card drawn from his digital tarot card deck. I find the narratives to be really concise and easy to translate into my own experiences.

Knowa KnowOne is a friend of a friend who creates positive, conscious hip-hop electronica and freaky funky beats. Give him a listen!

The Regal Manatee is one of the faces that my brilliant partners' uses to offer his musical musings. Check out this unexpected ambient experience - the kind that is meant to wash over you as you melt into your couch with a warm cup of tea. Try it out!

That's just a few...
keep checking back for more posts and more of the 'Stuff I'm Into.'

In joy,


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