Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've been yoked!

Yoga = to yoke = to bring together = to harmonize = balance

there is a space in me that is totally aligned,
this is the space that feels warm,
powerful and effortless.
this is the space that is all mine.
this is the space where all creativity springs from.
this space, is sacred.

the process of yoking is to first, open and second, to surrender; third, to discipline the creative play. it takes deliberate placement. it asks for mindful awareness. the point is to finish more spacious than when you started, to be more aligned, more clear, so that the creative process flows without the friction of the mind.

today i am thankful for the gracious service, the unfettered offering, the fierce and untwisted realness of a fellow yogi and teacher who i had the honor of taking practice from last night at Peace Yoga Gallery in downtown LA - thank you Cheri Rae.

i am reminded through her sweet reflection of this:

my greatest journey, my greatest quest, is to return to being me.


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